New Nature’s Pharmacy

Welcome to the all New Nature’s Pharmacy!

After eight years on the Internet, “Proving What Works” in healthy eating, alternate medicine and even Raw Food – We believe it is time for a change.

It is a time to regroup, reorganize and renew Nature’s Pharmacy.

There are many newer websites that are presenting alternate self healing in the Philippine, and so much new information that we feel it is best to put this in a way our readers will best benefit from it!

However, this site has been and always will be about you, the individual, and about Proving what works, and about giving you alternatives to an uncaring and expensive “health” Industry, that seems to grow ever more concerned about the corporate profit, the corporate bottom line, and less and less concern about giving quality CARE!

In fairness, I do know a number of doctors who are doing there best to practice real healing arts.  However, they are hampered by Pharmacy Reps pushing pills on them to give to you… And not telling the doctors the whole story. Usually not even knowing the story themselves.

Likewise, doctors sometimes need to put their patients into hospitals and hospitals have a gridlock on this high cost item.

Then there are those really uncaring “doctors” who should have become lawyers, because they are only there to get rich anyway they can.  Thank God, we send most of these to America!

Plus, this is the first post on the all new Nature’s Pharmacy Blog.  In the days to come I will be blogging on other sites that have more specific information on subjects we touch on.  Like New LipHe which basically covers how to begin a VeGenesis Lifestyle.

So Thank You for reading out first Blog post and we expect many more to come…

Lan and Percy and the whole gang at Nature’s Pharmacy.